Wat doet de EGR-klep met een turbo

We explain how a turbo works in this blog. Below we would like to tell you more about the EGR valve. What is it, how does it work and what is the influence on the turbo. So read on quickly.

What is the EGR valve?

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is part of the exhaust system in petrol and diesel engines. The main purpose of an EGR valve is to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by returning some of the exhaust gases to the engine's intake air. As a result, exhaust gas is less harmful to the environment.

The operation of the EGR valve

In a turbocharged engine, the air entering the engine is compressed by the turbocharger, increasing power output. However, this also creates higher temperatures and pressures in the combustion chamber, which can lead to the formation of nitrogen oxides, a potentially harmful exhaust gas component.

The EGR valve is used to return some of the exhaust gases to the intake side of the engine, mainly to the combustion chamber. By increasing the amount of exhaust gases in the combustion air, the combustion temperature drops, reducing the formation of nitrogen oxides.

EGR valve and engine management

This is beneficial from an emissions control point of view as it helps to meet regulatory standards for emissions. However, it can also affect the efficiency and performance of the engine, as the presence of exhaust gases can slightly affect combustion. Therefore, the EGR valve is usually controlled by the vehicle's engine management system, depending on operating conditions, to achieve an optimal balance between emissions and performance.

EGR valve and the turbo

The EGR valve indirectly affects the operation of the turbo. More specifically if the EGR valve does not close properly due to pollution. An EGR valve that is not closing properly causes air currents that in turn create boost pressure problems. It happens that an EGR valve breaks off and gets into the turbo.

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