Overhauling a turbo in 7 steps

Overhauling a turbo is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and experience. Turbos are sensitive components and incorrect overhaul can lead to further damage or reduced performance. With our innovative machinery, our turbo specialists ensure the best result. You can read the process of overhauling a turbo here.

Overhauling a turbo always starts with disassembly and analysis. We then thoroughly clean all parts and check them for any defects. After we test each component separately, we balance the entire turbo perfectly with our VSR machine. Then we adjust the actuator according to the factory values. Finally, we fine-tune a variable VNT turbo on our VTR flow bank so that they achieve optimum efficiency.

  1. Disassembly: First, the turbo is removed from the vehicle or machine. Then we take off the turbo housing and disassemble the compressor and turbine parts.
  2. Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of all parts is essential. Oil, carbon deposits and other contaminants from the housing, compressor wheel, turbine shaft, bearings and other components are cleaned. We prefer to clean some parts twice with our blasting machines. This is also followed by a treatment against rust formation.
  3. Inspection: All parts are examined for signs of wear, damage or other abnormalities. The compressor and turbine blades, the bearings, seals and other crucial components: everything is checked. We repair damaged or worn parts.
  4. Balancing: Balancing the turbo is a critical step to ensure smooth operation and durability. We balance the compressor and turbine parts using special equipment to prevent unwanted vibrations and damage.
  5. Seal and bearing replacement: We replace all seals, gaskets and bearings to ensure optimum performance and reliability. We only use original or high-quality parts.
  6. Assembly: we reassemble all cleaned and checked components. We strictly follow factory specifications and recommendations for bolt tightening and lubricant use.
  7. Testing: After the overhaul, the turbo must be thoroughly tested to ensure that it functions correctly. We do this with a turbo bank or by installing the turbo in the vehicle and checking it for performance, pressure levels and any leaks. Finally, we fine-tune a variable VNT turbo on our VTR flow bank so that they achieve optimum efficiency.

Overhauling a turbo is no easy task and requires expertise and precision. Don't you own this house? Then be sure to come by. Contact us for an appointment.

Discover our approach in this video: