How does a turbo work?

A turbocharger, also known as a turbocharger, is a device that improves the performance of an internal combustion engine by supplying pressurized intake air. It works on the principle of a gas-dynamic compressor. You can read below what this is exactly.

The basic principle of a turbo is as follows:

  • Exhaust gases : The turbo uses the energy of the exhaust gases released during combustion in the engine. These hot, exhaust gases are led through the exhaust port to the turbine of the turbo.
  • Turbine : The turbine consists of a turbine wheel and a casing. When the hot exhaust gases flow over the turbine wheel, they cause a high velocity of the gas and set the turbine wheel in motion. The turbine wheel is connected to a shaft attached to the other side of the turbo.
  • Compressor : On the other side of the turbo is the compressor, which consists of a compressor wheel and housing. When the turbine wheel rotates, it drives the compressor through the shaft. The compressor draws in air through an air filter and compresses it, increasing air pressure and density.
  • Intake Air : The compressed air is then fed to the engine's intake manifold through an intercooler. Because the air is under pressure, more air can be pressed into the cylinders than with a naturally aspirated engine. This results in a greater amount of fuel that can be burned leading to increased power output from the engine.
  • Lubricant and Cooling System : A turbo also has a lubricant and cooling system. The lubricant lubricates the rotating parts and helps to regulate the temperature. Cooling is essential to prevent overheating of the turbo and ensure its durability.
  1. The turbine wheel
  2. The turbine house
  3. Exhaust gas in
  4. Exhaust gas out
  5. The compressor wheel
  6. The compressor house
  7. Steel shaft
  8. Compressed air

By supplying the intake air under pressure, a turbocharger makes it possible to obtain a higher power output from an internal combustion engine without increasing the displacement. This allows cars to accelerate faster, make more power and have better performance, especially at higher speeds.

Learn more in this video from Cummins:

A turbo wears out and has specific maintenance requirements. Proper use is also essential to ensure the life and reliability of the turbo.Get in touchwith Turbo Service Belgium for all your questions.