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VSR machine

Innovative machines for perfectly balanced turbos

We test each component separately and then test the turbo, in its entirety, with our VSR balancing machine. We then adjust the actuator to the factory settings. Variable VNT turbos are finally fine-tuned on our VTR flow bank so they will achieve the optimum efficiency.


You can watch the entire process here.



Billet compressor wheels

Billet compressor wheels

Billet compressor wheels offer many advantages over standard compressor wheels:
- Stronger: better resistance to extreme loads and high turbo pressure
- Lighter: improves the response time
- More efficient: 10 to 15% more air yield than a cast wheel with the same trim and turbo pressure

At Turbo Service Belgium, you are at the right place for Billet compressor wheels for turbos of all brands.

Titanium heat shield

Dispel heat with titanium

Engine bay heat can sometimes reach very high levels. Our new heat shields offer the solution; they are specially designed to keep the temperature in the turbine housing under control.
This new version has a titanium outer layer to withstand high temperatures. Test bench results demonstrate an improvement in reaction time and peak power.

Our titanium heat shields can be fitted to these turbo types:
- Holset HX40, HX50, HX55, HX60
- Garrett T3, T04, GT47
- Tial V-band GT30R, GT35R

Murray Clamps

New in our stock: Murray Clamps

The special Murray Clamps clamping straps are designed to maintain constant tension. In cases of changeable ambient temperature, they are very useful. The double-ribbed inner ring also ensures excellent sealing without damaging the hose. You can buy them from Turbo Service Belgium in the following sizes:

  • 35 – 48 mm
  • 41 – 60 mm
  • 50 – 73 mm
  • 64 – 86 mm
  • 70 – 92 mm
  • 89 – 111 mm